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Tri-Tech Infrastructure, LLC

Tri-Tech vice president Brian McClellan says he was looking for a convenient location for the North American hub of Tri-Tech—an international company that specializes in designing, procuring and installing waste water reuse systems— when he discovered MyNextSuite.

“Beyond being in the right location, MyNextSuite appealed to me because of its full-service offering and all-inclusive approach,” explains McClellan. “I love not having to deal with multiple bills at the end of the month—I’ve got better things to do with my time. I also have found the in-house IT support to be tremendously beneficial.”

Tri-Tech works with businesses around the world, particularly those in the petrochemical and pulp and paper industries. As a result, McClellan often has international visitors.

“I value the conference facilities at MyNextSuite. They are nice, modern, clean and comfortable, and I’m happy to host our guests here,” says McClellan. “Also, our guests have enjoyed the close proximity to hotels on Parkside Drive and the shopping and dining options at nearby Turkey Creek.”

A valued contributor of green and sustainable solutions, Tri-Tech is a growing company. “I needed expansion capabilities; in fact, I’ve already hired additional people, and MyNextSuite flexed with my needs. They truly make it easy to grow here.”

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