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Information Technology for Enterprises (IT4E)

“We’ve been in several places and MyNextSuite is the best,” shares Ritchey Hume, president of IT4E, an information technology and training company. Hume launched IT4E in 2003, offering week-long Microsoft training courses. IT4E counts several Department of Energy contractors and other mid-sized national retailers among its largest clients. Although the company has a national clientele, a preponderance of its client base is in East Tennessee and Nebraska.

“The primary thing that sold us on MyNextSuite is the quality of the building,” says Hume. This is one of the nicest buildings around, and the management staff is extremely attentive. They met all our business needs, so the initial decision to move in was an easy one. Since then, I have been impressed with the extent to which the management team seeks out our feedback and responds proactively to the suggestions we make.

“We’re also very excited about the new Training and Event Center and have already put it to good use, hosting meetings of the Knoxville SharePoint User Group and the East Tennessee Business Intelligence User Group.

“We have found this to be a great place to conduct business, and we are already looking to expand here. In fact, we have completed a renovation to our suite, added a new glass conference room and we are going to extend with another 5 year term. As always, MyNextSuite is very supportive of our growth and eager to contribute to our success.”

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