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Entrust Solutions & Capital Land Settlements

“We were looking for a place to grow, and we found it at MyNextSuite,” says Jonathan Yasko, managing member of Entrust Solutions and Capital Land Settlements.

Yasko and a group of associates formerly with Southern Title Insurance Corp. teamed to form Entrust Solutions in 2007 to assist title companies, real estate attorneys, full-service law firms and title insurance underwriters with all types of back office needs, ranging from reconciling their escrow accounts to issuing final policies and everything in between. Yasko and his associates also operate Capital Land Settlements, a title insurance company serving consumers, lenders and realtors.

“We started with a single office suite in January of 2012 and within eight months we had taken over the adjacent two offices,” recalls Yasko. “The following year we opened offices in Montgomery, Orlando and Atlanta, and we’ve enjoyed triple-digit growth for the last three years.

“MyNextSuite is the perfect place for growing companies. First and foremost, it’s a great location and an impressive facility that reflects well on you and your business.

“The all-inclusive services with a flat monthly fee is definitely the way to go, and having IT on site is a huge benefit. Really, everything you need is here; you have the room and support you need to grow. We truly enjoy being here and just signed for two more years!”

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